NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 coming August 20th

Published: 14th Aug 2015, 22:23 GMT

GTX 950

According to Hermitage Akihabara GeForce GTX 950 will be released next week.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 to replace GTX 750 Ti

We have been telling you about GeForce GTX 950 for few weeks now. This new card is based on Maxwell GM206 GPU and that it features 2GB GDDR5 memory (4GB models are also planned). It’s a mid-range solution that will replace GM107-based GeForce GTX 750 series. It is unclear if GTX 950 will follow the same power requirements, but we are definitely looking at sub-100W solution.

Leaked driver confirms GM206 GPU

I got my hands on unreleased driver (353.58) which only supports GTX 950. Device ID clearly points towards GM206 (right now, there is only one 14xx device –> 1401 GTX 960).

353_58_GTX950 Driver


In case you forgot, the leaked GPU-Z screengrab, also had GPU listed as 1402.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 GPUZ Specifications


That said, it seems we already know the specs, launch date and we even saw first custom model. But of course, I will ask Huang for more pictures, so stay tuned.

Source: GDM

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