New tool helps with Fiji, Hawaii and Tonga Compute Units unlocking

Published: 4th Aug 2015, 12:03 GMT


R9 390X

New utility — CUINFO — developed by tx12 from forums, allows you to see which Compute Units are enabled or disabled in your AMD graphics processor.

It means it is now possible to see which Compute Engines exactly are disabled. Some CUs are just hardware locked, others were defective or laser cut and are not possible to unlock. This tool will tell how many can be unlocked with custom BIOS.

Here is an exemplary output from the program running with Sapphire R9 Fury TRI-X

Adapters detected: 1 
Card #1 PCI ID: 1002:7300 - 174B:E329 
DevID [7300] Rev [CB] (0), memory config: 0x00000000 (unused) 
Fiji-class chip with 16 compute units per Shader Engine 
SE1 hw/sw: 00030000 / 00000000 [..............xx] 
SE2 hw/sw: 02400000 / 00000000 [......x..x......] 
SE3 hw/sw: 90000000 / 00000000 [x..x............] 
SE4 hw/sw: 00090000 / 00000000 [............x..x] 
56 of 64 CUs are active. HW locks: 8 (R/W) / SW locks: 0 (R/W). 
8 CU's are disabled by HW lock, override is possible at your own risk.

If the output looks like the one above, then I’m afraid unlocking maybe problematic, if not possible. The solution is currently only available if all at least one or two rightmost columns are filled with Xe-s (disabled units). TX12 explains:

In general, you can try to unlock some cores ONLY if you have at least one of the two rightmost columns filled with ‘x’-es. On this example map, rightmost column (#1) is filled with ‘x’-es only, but second (#2) is not.
If none of the two rightmost columns is filled with ‘x’, you’re most probably out of luck and shouldn’t try this unlock method. Or just try all the roms to catch some luck (not recommended).

The full tutorial explaining all necessary steps to flash new unlocked BIOS is available here.

Tx12 developed a script that will generate three different ROMs. If you’re lucky BIOS named ALL will unlock all Fiji cores. So far no one accomplished to unlock all cores. Fiji PROs are most likely based on defective chips, so some Compute Units are definitely broken.

However, if this tool tells you that your card be be unlocked, the output will only show rightmost columns as disabled, then you can actually increase stream processors count to 3840.

RV8000 was first to accomplish this:

R9 Fury 3840 Shaders


Here’s a proof in 3DMark Fire Strike, running at the same clock speed.

3DMark FS Fiji PRO unlocked

I encourage you to follow this thread at OCN for more info.

via: SweClockers

by WhyCry

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