EKWB shows off first Radeon R9 Fury X water blocks

Published: 24th Jun 2015, 20:33 GMT

EKWB FC R9 Fury X (2) EKWB FC R9 Fury X (1)

EKWB has showcased its first waterblock for Radeon R9 Fury X. 

Those who are planning 3 or 4-way CrossFire with Fury X will also buy custom waterblocks (otherwise good luck setting those radiators in your case). Unlike TITANX or 980Ti, Fury X dual-slot bracket can be replaced to single-slot version. I wonder who will be the first to put four Fury Xes into mini-ITX case? Actually at this point I wonder if AMD is going to allow 8-way CrossFire with Fury X2, as those cards will take just a little more space than single-core FuryX, and yes I mean Windows support.

Anyway here’s official statement from EK_tiborrr:

There you go, first sneak peak:

  • Will come with single-slot bracket included and in all four versions (but no CSQ this time)
  • All five backplates available (black, nickel, red, blue, gold/yellow)
  • Single-slot height compliant!

First batch will be ready and distributed worldwide before you will have your card in hands

Source: OCN

by WhyCry

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