First AMD Radeon R9 Fury X benchmarks leak out

Published: 24th Jun 2015, 08:21 GMT

NDA lifts in few hours, but you can already find some leaked reviews. No commentary here, just posting charts.

Copy made by SMiThaYe:

Charts from Digital Storm:

AMD-FuryX-CrossFire-3dmark AMD-FuryX-CrossFire-BF4 AMD-FuryX-CrossFire-bioshock AMD-FuryX-CrossFire-crysis AMD-FuryX-CrossFire-Heaven AMD-FuryX-CrossFire-Power-Load AMD-FuryX-crossfire-Temp-load AMD-FuryX-Power-Load AMD-FuryX-Temp-load

Source: VMODTech (copy from OCN), DigitalStorm

by WhyCry

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