First AMD Radeon R9 Fury X review samples are in the wild

Published: 19th Jun 2015, 14:32 GMT

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X review samples are like unicorns, some people believe they exists, some even claim they saw them. Well as it turns out, guys over at PCPop caught one completely exposed in the wild. They didn’t expect it to be that furious.. 

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X samples do exist

The Fury X comes in a fancy box with AMD Radeon R9 Series logo. It’s kind of interesting that Fury series actually do not have their own logo, not on the box, not on the card, not in official documents, there is simply no official logo for Fury series. Yet there are four Radeon logos on the card: LED illuminated logo on the side, red Radeon logo on the front, laser-engraved logo on the I/O bracket and finally the Radeon sticker on the fan. Just none of them says Fury.

Radeon Fury X is made of multiple pieces of aluminum die cast, finished in soft touch black and black nickel mirror gloss. The front plate is removable, and AMD expects modders to design their own plates with 3D printers. It really doesn’t matter what the plate will be made of, or if it provides airflow, as the card itself does not need any. The cooling is handled by external radiator equipped with a fan similar to Scythe Gentle Typhoon.

The tubing and fan’s power delivery is hidden in the braided sleeving. Other pictures show two 8pin power connectors. Official TDP is 275W, but the connectors and PCI-E slot can deliver up to 375W. The cooling efficiency is even higher (I think it was 500W), so expect a lot of overclocking headroom.

Update: Added HardwareLuxx photos

Here two pics released by PCGamesHardware, showing Radeon Fury X installed in the running system.

AMD_R9_Fury_X_Fiji_Aufmacher_02-pcgh AMD_R9_Fury_X_Fiji_Aufmacher_01-pcgh-pcgh

Lastly, here is the first ever GPU-Z screenshot of Radeon R9 Fury X. Note the bandwidth is wrong (should be 512 GB/s) and ROP count is incorrect (should be 64) — I’m sure W1zzard will fix it with the next release.

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X GPU-Z

Source: PCPop, PCGamesHardware, HardwareLuxx

by WhyCry

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