AMD Radeon 300 launch presentation leaks out

Published: 16th Jun 2015, 15:42 GMT

Guys over at Eteknix seem to have posted the actual AMD Radeon 300 launch presentation, 20 minutes before the event. And no, Radeon R9 Fury is not even mentioned here.. but R9 FijiXT is. Well, weird.

AMD_R9_Preso-1 AMD_R9_Preso-3 AMD_R9_Preso-4 AMD_R9_Preso-5 AMD_R9_Preso-6 AMD_R9_Preso-7 AMD_R9_Preso-8 AMD_R9_Preso-9 AMD_R9_Preso-10 AMD_R9_Preso-11 AMD_R9_Preso-12 AMD_R9_Preso-13 AMD_R9_Preso-14 AMD_R9_Preso-15 AMD_R9_Preso-16 AMD_R9_Preso-17 AMD_R9_Preso-18 AMD_R9_Preso-19 AMD_R9_Preso-20 AMD_R9_Preso-21 AMD_R9_Preso-22 AMD_R9_Preso-23 AMD_R9_Preso-24 AMD_R9_Preso-25 AMD_R9_Preso-26 AMD_R9_Preso-27

Source: Eteknix

by WhyCry

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