AMD Radeon 300 graphics cards roundup

Published: 16th Jun 2015, 09:00 GMT

Like always, it’s time to publish the roundup of all upcoming graphics cards, but this time from Radeon 300 series.

There are few cards that were not posted anywhere before, like Gigabyte’s R9 390(X) or PowerColor’s models. I’m still waiting for ASUS/HIS/Club3D and few others to unveil their cards.

This page will be updated with more models as soon as possible. If you find a model that is not listed here, drop a comment below.

AMD Radeon R9 300 and R7 370 graphics cards
R9390X-DC2-8GD5ASUS R9 390X DC2DirectCU2
R9390-DC2-8GD5ASUS R9 390 DC2DirectCU2
ColorFire GAMEPOWERColorfire R9 390X GAMEPOWER
Gigabyte R9 390X G1 GAMINGGV-R939XG1GAMING-8GDGigabyte R9 390X G1 GAMING SOCWindForce 2X
Gigabyte R9 390 G1 GAMING GV-R939G1 GAMING-8GDGigabyte R9 390 G1 GAMINGWindForce 2X
Gigabyte R9 380 G1 GAMINGGV-R938G1 GAMING-4GDGigabyte R9 380 G1 GAMINGWindForce 2X
Gigabyte Radeon R9 380 WF2GV-R938WF2OC-2GDGigabyte R9 380WindForce 2X
GV-R737WF2OC-2GDGigabyte R7 370 OCWindForce 2X
Gigabyte Radeon R7 360 GV-R736OC-2GDGigabyte R7 360 OC
MSI R9 390X GAMING 8GB 4R9 390X GAMING 8GMSI R9 390X GAMINGTwinFrozr V1100/1525 8GB
MSI R9 390X GAMING 8GB 4R9 390 GAMING 8GMSI R9 390 GAMINGTwinFrozr V
1060/1525 8GB
MSI R9 380 4GB 4R9 380 GAMING 4GMSI R9 380 GAMINGTwinFrozr V
1000/1425 MHz 4GB
MSI R9 380 2GD5T OC 2R9 380 2GD5T OCMSI R9 380 ARMOR 2X
1000/1375 MHz 2GB
MSI R7 370 GAMING 4G 2R9 370 GAMING 4GMSI R7 370 GAMING 4GTwinFrozr V
1070/1425 MHz 4GB
MSI R7 370 GAMING 2G 1R9 370 GAMING 2GMSI R7 370 GAMING 2GTwinFrozr V
1050/1425 MHz 2GB
MSI Radeon R7 370 2GD5T OC 2R7 370 2GD5T OCMSI R7 370ARMOR 2X
970/1375 MHz 2GB
R7 360 2GD5 OC (3)R7 360 2GD5 OCMSI R7 3601100/1625 MHz 2GB
PowerColor R9 390X PCSPLUSAXR9 390X 8GBD5-PPDHEPowerColor R9 390X PCS+1060/1500 MHz 8GB
PowerColor R9 390 PCSPLUSAXR9 390 8GBD5-PPDHEPowerColor R9 390 PCS+1010/1500 MHz 8GB
AXR9 380 4GBD5-PPDHEPowerColor R9 380 PCS+980/1475 MHz 4GB
PowerColor R7 370 PCSPLUSAXR7 370 2GBD5-PPDHEPowerColor R7 370 PCS+985/1425 MHz 2GB
PowerColor R9 380 PCSPLUSAXR7 360 2GBD5-DHE/OCPowerColor R7 3601060/1650 MHz 2GB
Tri-X R9 390X 8G D5 (1)TRI-X R9 390X 8G D5Sapphire R9 390X TRI-XTRI-X
1055/1500 MHz 8GB
Sapphire_20159154026NITRO R9 390 8G D5Sapphire R9 390 NITRO1010/1500 MHz 8GB
Sapphire Nitro R9 380 4G D5 (1)NITRO R9 380 4G D5Sapphire R9 380 NITRO985 MHz 4GB
R9 380 2G D5 (ITX Compact) (1)R9 380 2G D5Sapphire R9 380 ITXITX
Sapphire_20159161625NITRO R7 370 2G D5Sapphire R7 370 NITRO1000 MHz 2GB
Dual-X R7 370 2G D5 (1)DUAL-X R7 370 2G D5Sapphire R7 370 DUALX985 MHz 2GB
R7 360 2G D5 (1)R7 360 2G D5Sapphire R7 3601060 MHz 2GB
R9-390X-8DFR_4XFX R9 390X Double DissipationGhost 3+
XFX R9 390R9-390A-8DFRXFX R9 390 Double DissipationGhost 3+
XFX R9 380XFX R9 3804GB
XFX R9 380XFX R9 3802GB
XFX R7 370R7-370B-CDFRXFX R7 3701050 MHz 2GB
XFX R7 370R7-360B-CDFRXFX R7 3602GB

by WhyCry

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