AMD Radeon Fury X pictured some more

Published: 10th Jun 2015, 14:44 GMT

Guys over at WCCFTech are busy taking new pictures of Fury X (at this point I’m not even sure how many they have posted?).

AMD Fury X


The first picture is not from WCCF, but it was posted on Reddit. No one knows who took it. We have a good view at two 8-pin power connectors, the backplate, braided tubing, and the radiator, which has interesting fan (possibly Scythe Gentle Typhoon?).

Now here are the pics from WCCF. We can clearly see (for the first time) that Radeon Fury X has LED illuminated logo. We also have a better view on The Rage Switch (TM), or bios switch if you prefer.

AMD Radeon Fury X Logo AMD Radeon Fury X Logo Light


The last photo shows the disappointing design of the backplate, and the tubing, which if you look closely is not braided.

AMD Radeon Fury X backplate

Source: WCCFTech

by WhyCry

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