AMD Radeon R7 370 leaked

Published: 8th Jun 2015, 09:20 GMT


Here’s the first interesting slide leaked from the new “Radeon Graphics Update” presentation that is floating around the web for the past few days.

AMD Radeon R7 370 faster than GeForce GTX 750 Ti

The brand new design, somewhat similar to GeForce GTX 760 cooler, has been published at Chinese forums. It’s the first actual confirmation of that this card exists, and most important, not it’s not an OEM version. The OEM version is Radeon R9 370.

The new cooler is slightly longer than the PCB, which probably means AMD has spent some time improving cooling efficiency of its new series. Also the meshy cooler shroud seems to be similar to one we know from leaked Radeon Fury pictures. Apart from that we can’t really see all the details on this blurry picture, but it does seem Radeon R7 370 has one 6pin power connector and one CrossFire finger.

Radeon R7 370 could either be based on Radeon R9 270 or R9 270X. Based on my information we are looking at cosmetic clock speed improvement — 10-100 MHz on the core and 25 MHz on memory (depending if this is non-X or X rebrand).

The Radeon R7 370 is supposedly based on Curacao/Pitcairn silicon. It most likely has 1280 Stream cores and 2 GB memory. It’s the oldest graphics processor in Radeon R9 300 series.

Here’s the full slide suggesting 20% better performance than GeForce GTX 750 Ti:


And here are two other slides leaked from the same presentation:

Radeon 300 slide 7 Radeon 300 slide1

Source: WCCFTech

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