Powercolor Radeon R9 390X DEVIL pictured

Published: 3rd Jun 2015, 10:02 GMT


PowerColor shows off Radeon R9 390X DEVIL

Is this the new Fiji powered card? Nope, this is R9 290X, or if you prefer Radeon R9 390X.

Well it’s hard to say actually. PowerColor could not confirm that this is indeed R9 390X, at least officially. Unofficially they confirmed this is the R9 390X. Anyway, you can see the label on the PCB, it’s the same label you can find on R9 290X. So it is pretty much confirmed that Hawaii-cards are coming back. We have exclusively told you that Hawaii-based models will return with 8GB memory and slightly higher clocks. This card however, may actually come with much higher clock.

PowerColor R9 390X DEVIL has hybrid cooling solution, something similar to what full-fat Fiji is expected to have. Despite external radiator, it’s still quite a thick design, taking at least 3 slots and room for the radiator.

It’s quite surprising to see default power connectors (6+8pin), but maybe this is just engineering sample to show the cooler? We should hear more about this card in just over two weeks.

45669_03_hands-one-powercolors-next-gen-radeon-r9-390x-video-cards_full 45669_04_hands-one-powercolors-next-gen-radeon-r9-390x-video-cards_full 45669_05_hands-one-powercolors-next-gen-radeon-r9-390x-video-cards_full 45669_06_hands-one-powercolors-next-gen-radeon-r9-390x-video-cards_full

PowerColor R9 290X DEVIL (3) PowerColor R9 290X DEVIL (1)

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