AMD Fiji GPU pictured

Published: 1st Jun 2015, 20:03 GMT

WCCFTech brings us the first picture of Radeon Fury’s heart — Fiji graphics processor.

AMD Fiji GPU picture

That’s a lot of thermal paste..

WCCFTech confirm that the GPU is in fact similar to the mockup reconstructed from official renders, I made not that long ago.
The picture also confirms that Fiji has four stacks of HBM modules pointing towards 4GB/8GB configuration.

Here is side by side comparison to official renders in case you are not exactly sure what you’re looking at.

AMD Fiji picture vs reconstruction

We concluded in our reconstruction that Fiji GPU might be the biggest graphics processor AMD has ever made. We expect it to be somewhere in between 525 to 600 mm2.

WCCFTech further reports that Fiji launch will take place on June 24th (which is probably when reviews will be posted). The actual (paper) launch is expected at E3 PC Gaming event on June 18th, just little over two weeks from now.

All aboard the hype train!


by WhyCry

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