AMD Fiji ‘Hot-Chips’ presentation in late August

Published: 30th Apr 2015, 10:22 GMT

AMD is planning a presentation of Fiji GPU during Hot-Chips Symposium on August 25th.

“Fiji, The World’s First Graphics Processor With 2.5D High Bandwidth Memory”

It is yet unclear whether Hot-Chips Symposium in Cupertino California will be the place where Fiji processor will officially be showcased for the very first time, or just the place where AMD is doing one of the post-launch presentations.

Fiji is the codename of the new flagship GPU that will feature 2.5D High-Banwidth-Memory (HBM) technology. This processor will likely be used for Radeon R9 390 series that are rumored to be unveiled in June. We covered possible Radeon R9 390X specifications in our previous post.

AMD Radeon R9 390X Specifications AMD Radeon R9 390X Hynix HBM

Hot-Chips presentation will probably focus more on architectural improvements over previous Graphics Core Next generation and benefits from new memory technology.

Hot Chips, Conference Day 2:
Fiji, The World’s First Graphics Processor With 2.5D High Bandwidth Memory,
presented by Joe Macri, Raja Koduri, Mike Mantor and Bryan Black

Hot Chips Symposium Fiji 2.5 HBM

by WhyCry

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