Fudzilla: AMD working on Fiji XT and Fiji VR

Published: 20th Apr 2015, 13:12 GMT

We have some fresh news, or should I say rumors, from Fudzilla. 

Fiji PRO, Fiji XT or Fiji VR


According to the website, AMD may introduce two Fiji GPUs in June. One codenamed XT and the other called Fiji VR. The VR would be a codename for dual-GPU. Not that long ago Fudzilla concluded from offical Liquid VR slides (as shown above) that since the technology was designed and optimized for dual-GPUs, and the presentation of new VR headsets was powered by ‘next-gen’ Radeon graphics, then Fiji should actually be a dual-gpu itself. Well, it all sounded sketchy, even Fudzilla changed its tone, and now they claim there are two different Fijis, a single-GPU for high-end gaming rigs, and Fiji VR, dual-GPU designed for VR headsets. It all just sounds strange, but if there’s any grain of truth here, you will at least know where it came from.

In the meantime we are still waiting for this slide to be confirmed.

AMD Radeon R9 390X Specifications



In other news, ASUS listed the first Radeon R7 300 graphics card on its forums.

The STRIX R7 360X supposedly based on Tobago GPU (most likely Bonaire rebrand), would ship with 2GB GDDR5 memory.


Source: Fudzilla

by WhyCry

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