NZXT announces CAM 2.0 monitoring tool

Published: 8th Apr 2015, 07:53 GMT

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advanced-hardware-monitoringNZXT is proud to announce the launch of its advanced CAM version 2.0 PC monitoring software. Now equipped with double the data detection, a customizable interface and a highly functional FPS overlay, CAM 2.0 makes it easier than ever to monitor and maintain your PC.


CAM offers a wealth of information for both new and advanced users alike that are interested in maximizing the efficiency of their PC. With its all-encompassing approach to PC health, CAM actively monitors and records all essential statistics including network speeds, storage space, component temperatures and load usage over time. Additionally, new advanced detection offers comprehensive data on CPU / GPU specifications, motherboard voltages, HDD S.M.A.R.T. data and much, much more.

With a user friendly and modular dashboard, CAM offers the freedom to display a wide variety of information in an intuitive manner that suits your specific needs. It is the first PC monitoring software to include an in-game overlay that allows you to seamlessly monitor your frame rate, CPU/GPU usage, temperatures and more while gaming. Now with CAM basic support for both Android and iOS, you can access your data from anywhere using your mobile device.

CAM users with existing CAM components such as the GRID+ or Kraken coolers will also see improvements in customization and control for their devices through a complete user interface refresh. In May, Android users will be able to control their CAM components with their mobile devices through an upcoming update for the Android app.

More than just a piece of software, CAM is a companion you can trust. CAM is completely FREE and available for download immediately through our website, the iTunes store and Google Play.

CAM 2.0 Features:

  • HDD S.M.A.R.T data – this tells you a ton of stats about the HDD like Firmware version, start/stop count, powered on hours, read error rate,
  • RAM Specs – tells you all the important RAM stats like capacity, frequency, even latency timings
  • Motherboard data – tells you all the voltages, temperature zones, and fan speeds attached to motherboard
  • CPU Specs – this section is all new as well and tells you code name, TDP, socket type, manufacturing technology, base clock
  • GPU Specs – all new and similar to CPU tells you everything you need to know about GPU
  • Motherboard Specs – all new
  • Pop-out view – gives you even more advanced data – truly for the enthusiast
    • Shows you min/max for ALL stats
    • Allows you to reset stats if you are benchmarking
  • Overlay (FPS) – Gives you much more than just current FPS including
    • Minimum, Average, Maximum FPS
    • Screen Resolution
    • RAM used/available
    • CPU temp, load, and fan speed
    • GPU temp, load, and fan speed
    • Graphics effects like Vsync, anti-aliasing
    • Ability to customize your font style and color and text position on overlay
  • All new controls for Kraken and GRID+:
    • Allows finer control over fan profiles because the interval was changed from 10 degrees to 5 degrees control
    • Up to 3 custom profiles (can name too) vs only 1 possible before
    • New color control for Kraken that allows full RBG customization
  • Flexible views/modular – CAM V2 can be shrunken down, expanded, so you can choose the view that suits you
  • Custom look – Can upload your own background image, choose the interface color to make your own CAM

2015-04-08 09_44_13-CAM - Free PC Monitoring Software



Overview video from HardwareCanucks:

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