XFX Radeon R9 370 Core Edition leaks out, coming early April?

Published: 10th Mar 2015, 23:14 GMT

While NVIDIA has GTX TITAN coming next week, AMD is slowly preparing to announce Radeon 300 series, currently planned for the second quarter.

XFX Radeon R9 370 GHOST (1)XFX Radeon R9 370 GHOST (2)

XFX Radeon R9 370 leaks out, Radeon 300 series launch in April?

I know there are many sites constantly feeding you with new and new dates for Radeon 300 series launch. Personally I avoid this topic, since none of the leaks so far was concrete enough for me, and I didn’t feel like posting the same story over and over.

Today however, things may change. Few weeks ago, one of the commentators on our site claimed to work for XFX. He said, first GPU to enter mass production will not be a high-end part, and the production of R300 series will start right after Chinese New Year.

Well, guess what, I think he was actually saying the truth, as new leak (also from XFX) just came out.

AMD Radeon R9 370 is supposedly equipped with Trinidad PRO processor. XFX is working on R9 370 Core Edition (R9-370A-ENF) equipped with 2GB and 4GB GDDR5 memory across 256-bit interface. The card will be powered by single 6-pin power connector and will require 110W to 130W. XFX R9 370 Core Edition will be equipped with two Dual-DVI ports, HDMI and DisplayPort.

That said, Trinidad is Curacao (Pitcairn) replacement. Radeon R9 370X will most likely feature Trinidad XT, whilst R9 370 will feature PRO variant according to this leak.

Most importantly, R9 370 launch is currently planned for early April, which means it should soon enter mass production.

Bermuda and Oland

There’s also one more thing I wanted to say, not related to this particular leak. Bermuda is not high-end GPU. Bermuda is mid-range solution, probably planned for Radeon R7 360 series. Additionally R7 350/340 series are based on Oland processor (possibly codenamed Samoa).

Here’s my updated prediction:

AMD Radeon Rx 300 Series (Speculation)
GPUPossible Specs
AMD Radeon R9 390(X)FijiGCN 1.3; ~4k-3.5k Cores; 4096-bit HBM
AMD Radeon R9 380(X)Grenada (Hawaii?)GCN 1.2; 2816 Cores; 512-bit GDDR5
AMD Radeon R9 375(X)TongaGCN 1.2; 2048 Cores; 256-bit GDDR5
AMD Radeon R9 370(X)TrinidadGCN 1.3; ~1.5k Cores; 256-bit GDDR5
AMD Radeon R7 360(X)Bermuda (Bonaire?)GCN 1.1; 896 Cores; 128-bit GDDR5
AMD Radeon R7 350(X)/340(X)OlandGCN 1.0; 320 Cores; 128-bit DDR3/GDDR5
AMD Radeon R5 300CaicosTS2; 160 Cores; 64-bit DDR3

by WhyCry

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