NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X pictured up close, GM200 confirmed

Published: 6th Mar 2015, 22:48 GMT


This morning we were told that first GeForce GTX TITAN X samples were already sent out to the reviewers.
Well, it didn’t take long for first pictures of such samples to appear.

The first pictures of the GTX TITAN X are coming from guys over at TechGage. Obviously they are not allowed to tell us the details, as they are under NDA, but it’s the first time we can have a better look at the GTX TITAN X graphics card, which is in fact little different from the render.

TITAN logo has no backlight

The render did show that the TITAN logo was lit up by LEDs, instead it’s just an engraving.

NVIDIA-GeForce-GTX-TITAN-X-04TITAN X logo backlight

GTX TITAN X sample vs GTX TITAN X render

TITAN X bracket is silver

The next difference is the bracket. It’s not black like we saw during the initial presentation. It was one of the very few things I found interesting about new TITAN design. Instead, the I/O bracket is silver, actually it’s exactly the same as GTX 980’s.


GTX TITAN X reviewing sample bracket vs GTX TITAN X prototype bracket (source: LegitReviews)

TITAN X has no backplate

This is quite interesting, TechGage explains that the backplate could potentially limit heat dissipation on the back, where dual-sided memory modules are installed. I find it hard to believe, as such backplate are installed for the exact opposite reason, to dissipate the heat across wider area. Hopefully AIBs will create a custom backplates and bundle them for free.



TITAN X has 6+8pin power connectors

Not much of the news here, as we already told you about this right after PCPerspective team published pictures of the power delivery connectors. NVIDIA is probably targeting 250W thermal design power here. Just like previous NVTTM cooler-equipped models.




I know, you probably know this already, but no one has said this for sure. Here’s why we are 100% sure this is GM200-based graphics card. Just look at the back where it says Model: PG600, or the product ID 600-1G600-0000-000L. It means it’s the exact same PCB we saw few weeks ago with the first GM200 leak (where the GPU was shown naked). So yes, TITAN X has GM200 GPU.

NVIDIA PG600 boardNVIDIA PG600 board GM200

Source: TechGage



More pictures were posted by MaximumPC

GTX TITAN X MaximumPC (2) GTX TITAN X MaximumPC (3) GTX TITAN X MaximumPC (5) GTX TITAN X MaximumPC (1) GTX TITAN X MaximumPC (4) GTX TITAN X MaximumPC (6)


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