Colorful Announces its GeForce GTX 960 Lineup

Published: 28th Jan 2015, 08:24 GMT

igame GTX960 Ymir (1)

Colorful Technology, the biggest NVIDIA AIC in China, announced the latest GTX960 series graphics cards. Four different models had been released this time, including Colorful GTX960 CH with reference design for entry users, Colorful GTX960 i-Cafe for System Integrator, iGame GTX960 Ymir-U for general users and iGame GTX960 Ymir-X for enthusiasts.

Colorful GTX960 CH uses reference design and runs at reference Clock, with 1127MHz of core and 7010 of memory.

Colorful GTX960 i-Cafe has longer PCB than reference design but runs the same clock with Colorful GTX960 CH. The i-Cafe series provides better stability and longer lifespan and the efficient cooler and high quality electronic component ensure the i-Cafe series graphics cards steadily working long term in chasses with high ambient temperature.

iGame GTX960 Ymir-U is designed for general users and gamers, it provides two different clocks models. In power efficiency model, it runs at 1127/7010MHz; and in performance efficiency model, the clock is set at 1203/7010MHz.

iGame GTX960 Ymir is the high-end version of Colorful GTX960 series, it equips triple fans, steal back panel, breathing light and longer PCB. Just like other iGame series, it also has two different clocks, one runs at 1127/7010MHz; and the other runs like a monster, it is 1405/7010MHz!

Colorful now focused on Asia market, and it was still also seeking for the channel cooperation in EU and America, it might be available later in other regions.

igame GTX960 Ymir (2) igame GTX960 Ymir (3) igame GTX960 Ymir (4) igame GTX960 Ymir-U (1) igame GTX960 Ymir-U (2) igame GTX960 Ymir-U (3)

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