ELSA unveils GeForce GTX 980 S.A.C

Published: 27th Oct 2014, 10:12 GMT


Japanese manufacturer ELSA has finally revealed its custom GeForce GTX 980 graphics card.

ELSA GeForce GTX 980 4GB S.A.C features dual-75mm-fan cooler.  It’s worth nothing that this card ships with reference PCB, so it’s not fully-custom solution. That said, ELSA GTX 980 only has two 6pin power connectors, unlike most custom cards based on this chip.

The good news is that GTX 980 from ELSA is not running at default GPU clock speeds. You are getting 26 and 37 MHz more respectively for base and boost clock out of the box. Unfortunately, the memory is still set at 7 GHz.

GeForce GTX 980 is equipped with GM204-400 GPU with 2048 CUDA cores, 128 TMUs and 64 ROPs. Just like any other GTX 980 on the market it arrives with 4GB GDDR5 memory across 256-bit interface. There is still no indication that NVIDIA would give a green light for 8GB models, so I guess that’s all we are getting for now.

ELSA GeForce GTX 980 4GB S.A.C will be available starting from November 1st.  There is no information whether ELSA was planning to sell this card outside Japan.



Source: ELSA

by WhyCry

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