Hynix High-Bandwidth-Memory presentation leaks out

Published: 30th Sep 2014, 12:04 GMT

Images were removed on Hynix request.

Okay, maybe it calling this a leak is an over-interpretation, but it’s not like you could see these slides before.

While we all wait for smaller fabrication nodes for GPUs, there is a small revolution about to happen almost at the same time. HBM (High-Bandwidth-Memory) is what will revolutionize graphics industry like nothing before. Higher bandwidth with lower power consumption and higher capacity is what we need for future 5k-8k resolutions.

1st Gen HBM

Hynix plans to put four DRAM slices over a single base layer. DRAM dies will be connected to each other with vertical channels called through-silicon vias (TSV). Each of those is capable of transmitting 1Gbps, which theoretically should give us 128GB/s of bandwidth. First generation of HBM would offer up to 4 dies per stack.

2nd Gen HBM

Hynix is still developing this technology. The company is currently testing 256 MB slices forming 1GB stacks. Soon, Hynix will start stacking 1GB dies to form 4GB modules. And we are just talking about 4-layer stacks. Nothing, except further research and development, is keeping us away from stacking 8 layers, only this option will only increase the capacity, as bandwidth will be limited to what 4-layers can offer (at least that’s what I’m getting from these slides). Second generation HBM will be available either 4 or 8 layers (forming 4GB or 8GB stacks). The speed per stack will double (256 GB/s).

There are some interesting slides, like the one with the roadmap. It clearly shows late 2014 as the start, so maybe.. maybe this is where new GPU shows up (Fiji), or something completely out of our interest.. like Carizzo APU.

Source: Reddit via TechReport


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