AMD teasing new product, is it Radeon or FirePro? (Update)

Published: 20th Sep 2014, 19:07 GMT

UPDATE: Looks like all this hype was about Indian FirePro launch this whole time. Move along folks.

AMD Future is AMD

AMD is teasing something for September 25th (Exactly a year after GPU14 — Hawaii launch).

We have absolutely no idea what is is, but judging from the teaser we have a new pill campaign. Those pills kinda look like Red (Radeon) and Blue (Water). Any thoughts? They do remind me of recently leaked picture of hybrid cooling for next GPU.

This launch could be related to graphics cards. The only GPU in our mind is Tonga XT, planned almost for this time. Other possibilities are new Hawaii variant (XTX), completely new GPU (Fiji),

… or something totally boring like CPU :)

AMD Pills

by WhyCry

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