Inno3d teasing iChill GeForce 900 series

Published: 10th Sep 2014, 07:54 GMT

Inno3d GTX 980 980 iChill

The countdown has begun!

With 10 days till NVIDIA’s Maxwell GeForce 900 series announcement, AIBs start to tease their new cooling solution.

Earlier this week saw MSI’S Twin Frozr V teaser, today Inno3D joins the party with its new iChill cooler.

There is a huge number is covering most of this picture, so we can’t say really see the details. I tried to enhance it, but the quality is so low, it did not return any meaningful results.

What we’re looking at is probably another 3-slot cooling solution, but this time with 3 fans. This cooler reminds me of 780Ti/290X Lightning cooler, only Inno3D went full black with red stripes.

Just to clarify, we do not know if this teaser is about GTX 980, GTX 970, or both.  Hopefully Inno3D will release better quality pictures somewhere this week.

Inno 980 poor quality

Source: WCCFtech

by WhyCry

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