AMD to unveil Radeon R9 285 on August 23rd

Published: 19th Aug 2014, 10:03 GMT

evolution of amd gpus

In few days we will learn new details about Tonga graphics processing unit, as AMD is holding a special event celebrating 30 years of graphics innovation.

AMD Radeon R9 285 and R9 285X

This event will be the first place where AMD officially introduces Tonga GPU. Unfortunately, it is just a paper launch.

First is R9 285, equipped with Tonga PRO, which will be available early September. Faster Tonga XT-based Radeon R9 285X will arrive few weeks later. So yes, there are two cards coming, both replacing Tahiti R9 280 series.

Looking at the graphic above, you may find it disappointing that this event is just about Tonga. It is unclear, whether AMD is planning to show more than just a mid-range GPU. There are some rumors that AMD may give us a peak at a new roadmap, or maybe even first samples with HBM memory. AMD is currently working on Hawaii XTX, Maui and Iceland GPUs, all of them could be shown at the event, however we find it highly unlikely. The only processor that is confirmed to be shown at the event is Tonga.

AMD Tonga Aug 23rd

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