AMD Radeon R9 285 with Tonga GPU pictured

Published: 9th Aug 2014, 10:27 GMT

We were first to tell you about a new GPU called Tonga. Today we are the first to show you the actual cards.

Bear in mind, specifications remain unconfirmed.

AMD Radeon R9 285 smiles for camera

Radeon R9 285 is essentially R9 270X with R9 280 performance. This card is allegedly equipped with Tonga PRO, thus we shall expect R9 285X with Tonga XT sometime soon. R9 285 is a small card, so if you expect triple-fan coolers, that is not likely to happen at launch (but some AIBs will surely try it). Either way, we heard that R9 285 will even be available in mini-ITX form factor.

Radeon R9 285 has 2GB GDDR5 memory across 256b interface. That’s all we know for sure. The core clock is reported at 918 MHz and memory clock is 1375 MHz (5500 MHz effective), that said we have 176 GB/s bandwidth. Normally I would at least put speculated specs here, but since we are not yet sure if Tonga PRO is a fact, I decided to wait for something more solid. The full Tonga chip has the same number of unified cores as Tahiti (2048), the only question is, how many cores does R9 285 have?

All AIB cards have the same display output configuration: two DVIs, one HDMI and one DisplayPort.

The fact that first AIB cards are starting to pop up, R9 285 launch should happen somewhere in the next two weeks.

AMD Radeon R9 280 Series (August 2014)
Radeon R9 280Radeon R9 285Radeon R9 280X
GPU CodenameTahiti PROTonga PROTahiti XT
Unified Cores1792?2048
Base Clock827 MHz918 MHz850 MHz
Boost Clock933 MHz?1000 MHz
Memory Clock1250 MHz1375 MHz1500 MHz
Memory Bus384-bit256-bit384-bit
Bandwidth240 GB/s176 GB/s288 GB/s
Power Connectors6-pin + 6-pin6-pin + 6-pin8-pin + 6-pin
Launch DateMarch 2014August 2014October 2013


XFX Radeon R9 285

XFX Radeon R9 285 VideoCardz.jpg (1) XFX Radeon R9 285 VideoCardz.jpg (2)

Sapphire and HIS photographs were taken down due to removal requests.


by WhyCry

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