Sapphire: enter to win Radeon R9 290X TOXIC 8GB

Published: 29th Jul 2014, 15:45 GMT

Sapphire Radeon 290X TOXIC 8GB

I thought you may want to know that Sapphire is letting you win Radeon R9 290X TOXIC, the 8GB model. There were only 3 made, and now you have the opportunity to win one.

Videocardz has no partnership with any companies whose hardware is involved in this giveaway.

This is simply from newsletter I’m subscribed to. Great chance to win a very rare card (they are probably getting rid of them to  make room for 295X:) )


Ever dreamed of owning something that money can’t buy?  Now you have the chance to win an exclusive SAPPHIRE TOXIC Edition R9 290X graphics card.

Sporting the fastest clocks in the industry, with an 1100MHz engine clock and a giant 8GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1450MHz, this is the fastest single GPU card we have ever built – but there are only three of them in the world.

These cards feature our stunning Vapor-X cooling technology, Tri-X fans with intelligent fan control to keep noise levels to a minimum and our revolutionary PCB head spreader, making them not just the fastest, but also the coolest cards ever! And just so you can see what is happening, the SAPPHIRE logo glows blue when the card is cool, yellow when the temperature rises under load – and red if things really start heating up!

The only way to get one is to win – so enter today!

Contest closes Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 11:59PM EST. See terms and conditions for full details.


Here are some pictures from KitGuru:

Sapphire R9 290X TOXIC 8GB (1) Sapphire R9 290X TOXIC 8GB (3)

by WhyCry

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