NVIDIA to release GeForce 980M based on Maxwell GM204 in October?

Published: 29th Jul 2014, 14:29 GMT

geforce 900m

Is NVIDIA planning to launch GeForce 900M series soon?

According to multiple reports, NVIDIA will unveil its GM204 graphics processor somewhere in the next two months. There is a good reason to believe it will happen in just few weeks, however, as long as we cannot confirm it, we are just going to assume there’s a 2 months time-frame planned for the launch.

Cloudfire, a member of NotebookReview forums, has recently gathered some information from notebook manufacturers regarding their future products. A good example of such product is yet announced gaming notebook equipped with GeForce GTX 980M. It is no secret that next mobile flagship card will be equipped with Maxwell GPU, what is surprising though, is that NVIDIA is skipping GeForce 800M(X) series, and jumping straight to 900 series.

Why it doesn’t make sense

NVIDIA has not yet released its desktop 800 series, so why would they release mobile 900M and desktop 800 series altogether? Unless I missed something, this has not happened before.

Why it does make sense

As long as it doesn’t make logical sense, it does seem to be practical. NVIDIA has only released one Maxwell mobile card so far (GTX 860M), which was available in two variants (Kepler and Maxwell). The introduction of second generation Maxwell would be the perfect reason to start a new series, entirely based on Maxwell.

The GM204 is not exactly enthusiast-grade GPU (we have some news coming this week), but it will do just fine as mobile processor.

Does it mean desktop 900 series are closer than we thought?

Here is my thought, what if desktop 800 series are simply based on GM204, while GeForce 900 series will kick off with GM200 few months later (Q1 2015)? Of course, this just my idea, but make sure to leave your thoughts in comments too.

According to the leaker, notebooks equipped with GeForce GTX 980M will start shipping in October.

Source: NotebookReview via WCCFtech

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