Galaxy shows off GeForce GTX 750 Ti with DarbeeVision chip

Published: 4th Jun 2014, 08:09 GMT


Galaxy GTX 750 Ti Darbee Edition (3)

Just when we all thought that the times of  dual-PCB graphics cards are long gone, Galaxy make a shocking decision to get back to the roots.

This additional PCB is a result of Galaxy’s collaboration with DarbeeVision. Galaxy recently announced that it will soon release Darbee powered graphics cards. If you don’t know what Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) is, then here’s a small reminder from press release:

Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) technology enhances image detail, depth and gradation contrast in a way that keeps the fidelity of the image intact while creating an immersive gaming experience for the user. Leading Japanese audiovisual magazine “HiVi” has described DVP technology experience “like a magical super- resolving power.”

Darbee Visual Presence (1) Darbee Visual Presence (2)

Galaxy’s GeForce GTX 750 Ti Darbee Edition features Altera Cyclone IV chip, which is 60nm low-power FPGA. This is where all the magic happens. It’s too early to determine whether this technology will change anything. We should see the comparison of real-world usage compared to reference GTX 750 Ti first. And speaking of reference model, Galaxy’s card still does not require any addition power connectors. This card with such a low power consumption and Darbee technology, might be just the perfect solution for home media center.

This is how the card looks with the cooler installed:

Galaxy GTX 750 Ti Darbee Edition (2)

Altera Cyclone IV chip:

Galaxy GTX 750 Ti Darbee Edition (1)

Last but not least, here’s the single-slot Razor model.


Galaxy GTX 750 Ti Razor

Source: TechPowerUP

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