AMD Catalyst 14.6 brings Eyefinity with mixed resolutions support

Published: 26th May 2014, 10:26 GMT

Driver is now available, head on to our forums for more information and download link!


The new Catalyst 14.6 display driver brings performance improvements to some of the latest games. However, Catalyst 14.6 is much more, since it also brings much awaited multi-display technology update.

Catalyst 14.6 with Eyefinity 3.0

Although AMD team does not actually call it Eyefinity 3.0, they do referrer to it as ‘third major update to multi-display solution’. Eyefinity 2.0 already brought some flexibility to multi-display configurations. The latest update will allow you to mix displays with different resolutions. Imagine you have one 1600p display and two 1080p. It works great in Windows, but games do not support it (at least in fullscreen mode). To overcome this problem AMD developed a new technology that will allow you to either expand the area which is displayed, fill it on each display (which pretty much what we have today), or fit it to adequate proportions.

New Eyefinity will also let you align the bezels the way you want it (top, center, or bottom). Eyefinity group can now be created with a single click, and it doesn’t matter what resolutions your monitors are using.

catalyst 14.6 mixed resolutionscalyst 14.6 fit mode catalyst 14.6 fill eyefinity mode and expand mode

Performance update

Catalyst 14.6 will also provide performance boost to Watch Dogs, Thief and Murdered Soul Suspect (which is not yet released). You should expect 25-28% better performance in Watch Dogs with the new drivers. Catalyst 14.6 also has new CrossFire profiles specificly for WD. AMD claims it will provide up to 99% scaling to Watch Dogs.

Mantle update for notebooks

Last but not least, Mantle will now be supported on notebooks with AMD Enduro technology (which is something like NVIDIA’s Battery Boost). AMD shares some basic performance figures for Radeon HD 8970M: BF4 up to 21%, StarSwarn up to 274%.

AMD Catalyst 14.6 will be available starting from tomorrow.


by WhyCry

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