NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Z in stores next week

Published: 24th Apr 2014, 08:00 GMT

TITAN Z angle

In case you’ve been waiting to spend $3000 on a new graphics card I have some good news.

NVIDIA’s first GK110 dual-GPU GeForce will be available next week. Multiple sites now report it should be on shelves starting from April 29th.

During GTC NVIDIA announced that it’s TITAN Z will be available in April, I guess no one expected that this would be the very last week of it. Nevertheless this is probably the most overpriced graphics card you can find. This statement is true, because let me remind you it’s still GeForce card we are talking about, not TESLA or QUADRO, so it’s a gaming card.. with some computing capabilities enabled.

GeForce GTX TITAN Z will feature two GK110 GPUs with a total of 5760 CUDA cores, 480 TMUs and 96 ROPs. Each GPU has it’s own 6GB GDDR5 memory and 384-bit interface. Long story short, this is the first 12GB gaming card on the market.

I noticed that many of you didn’t realize that TITAN Z is a triple-slot card. That’s probably because NVIDIA has not released that many of official pictures. For that reason I included some to this post.

According to our information NVIDIA has not yet said its last word in dual-GPU market. We have reported about GeForce GTX 790 few months ago, and last time we checked it’s still on track. Thus, in case you’ve been wondering TITAN Z is not GTX 790. GeForce GTX 790 will most likely have worse specs than TITAN Z in terms of memory size and CUDA cores count. The exact launch date has not been confirmed.

GF_GTX_Titian_Z_top_2Height_DarkerPCI titanz TITAN Z


Source: TechPowerUp

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