NVIDIA preparing Maxwell GM204 and Kepler GK210 GPUs

Published: 18th Apr 2014, 19:47 GMT

A new leak about the upcoming Graphics Processing Units from NVIDIA has just surfaced.

NVIDIA Maxwell GM204, a heart of GeForce GTX 870/880?

The first GPU that was listed on Indian website is GM204. This is undoubtedly a mid-range GPU. The rumor has it that this is the processor for GeForce GTX 870 or maybe even GTX 880. We can clearly see GM204-GB3-256, which could suggest we are looking at 256-bit interface.

GM204 would be using 28nm node. It is unclear what made NVIDIA diffentiate this GPU from GM107 by increasing the version to GM2xx. It is worth noting that 3DCenter also reports on GM206 and GM200.

The GM206 would be an entry-level GPU, most likely with similar performance to GM107. On the other hand we have GM200 possibly the true GK110 replacement.

GM2xx GPUs will be the base for GeForce GTX 800 series, which will be released in few months. We expect GeForce GTX 880 in June.


NVIDIA Kepler GK210, a new name for GK110

The GK210 has also been spotted. Apparently there are few versions of it (GK210-INT5156-A1 ,GK210-885-A1 or GK210-CS1-A1). What exactly is Kepler GK210? This is most likely better binned GK110 for new products like TITAN-Z or QUADRO-Z/TESLA-Z video cards. We do not expect it to have different specs than current GK110.


Source: 3DCenter, PCTuning, Zauba

by WhyCry

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