NVIDIA announces Pascal architecture

Published: 25th Mar 2014, 15:31 GMT

Pascal GPU

Volta is dead, long live Pascal!

NVIDIA has just announced it’s latest GPU, based on Pascal architecture.

NVIDIA apparently dropped the plans for Volta (or more precisely simply renamed it to Pascal).

Pascal GPU is the first graphics processor is the first GPU to feature NVLINK technology, which allows multiple PCI-E connection, increasing memory interface bandwidth significantly.

Pascal GPU will also feature stacked memory. NVIDIA calls this 3D Memory. This will allow much higher memory bandwidth (~1000 GB/s).


Updated roadmap

Pascal Roadmap

NVIDIA 3D Memory

Stacks DRAM chips into dense modules with wide interfaces, and brings them inside the same package as the GPU. This lets GPUs get data from memory more quickly – boosting throughput and efficiency – allowing us to build more compact GPUs that put more power into smaller devices. The result: several times greater bandwidth, more than twice the memory capacity and quadrupled energy efficiency.

Unified Memory: This will make building applications that take advantage of what both GPUs and CPUs can do quicker and easier by allowing the CPU to access the GPU’s memory, and the GPU to access the CPU’s memory, so developers don’t have to allocate resources between the two.



Today’s computers are constrained by the speed at which data can move between the CPU and GPU. NVLink puts a fatter pipe between the CPU and GPU, allowing data to flow at more than 80GB per second, compared to the 16GB per second available now.


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