AMD teasing Radeon R9 290X2 in an unusual way

Published: 13th Mar 2014, 14:52 GMT

AMD: Two is better than one!


 Ryan Shrout from PC Perspective received an interesting package from AMD.

What AMD is trying to say here is that two GPUs are better than one, probably hinting at dual-Hawaii graphics card. At this point we have no idea whether Ryan is the only reviewer who received similar package, but this is definitely interesting marketing approach..

We have been reporting about Radeon R9 290X video cards with 8GB memory for few weeks now. So far none of these cards have been released. Could the launch of 8GB R9 290X models be connected to R9 290X2 launch in any way? Well, probably not, but so far there’s no trace of any dual-GPU Hawaii based cards in anywhere, while we already know about 8GB 290X models (which will be rather expensive).

Current R9 290X prices are quite moderate, considering recent spike at $800 price point. Cheapest (custom) R9 290X can be found for around $600-$620. The launch of R9 290X2 could further lower the price of R9 290, as no one (except miners) is going to pay more than $1000 on dual-GPU card.


It looks like  Scott Wasson from Techreport received similar package:

double hashtag

Source: PCPerspective, TechReport

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