AMD Launches Radeon R7 265

Published: 13th Feb 2014, 07:00 GMT

AMD Radeon R7 265 (1)


AMD today launches the new mid-range graphics card — Radeon R7 265.

The new R7 model is not exactly a pure Radeon HD 7850 rebrand. In fact, what AMD managed to do was to increase the TDP by 20W, which I find unfortunate (7850 – 130W, R7 265 – 150W).

The card still uses Pitcairn PRO as GPU with 1024 Stream Processors. It also has 64 TMUs and 32 ROPs. Since we are looking at Pitcairn card, we have 256-bit interface and 2GB of memory on board.

Even the clocks have slightly changed (and that’s probably the main reason for the higher TDP). R7 265 is clocked at 925 MHz. The memory is running at 1400 MHz (5600 MHz).

As mentioned above is has a TDP of 150W, which will require one 6-pin power connector to be plugged in.

The Radeon R7 265 currently is the fastest R7 series graphics card, and it doesn’t look like AMD will launch any faster model in this segment.

The price will be confirmed when NDA ends.

AMD Radeon R7 265 (2) AMD Radeon R7 265 (3)  AMD Radeon R7 265 (5)

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