AMD launches Radeon R7 250X

Published: 10th Feb 2014, 07:15 GMT

AMD Radeon R7 250X

It appears that AMD didn’t really wait with the official announcement of R7 250X we leaked few days ago.

Today the R7 250X has been officially added to the R200 series lineup. Card is positioned against GeForce GTX 650, which will be replaced by GTX 750 next week. AMD R7 250X will retail at $100 which is a good price, considering we are looking at Radeon HD 7770 GHz rebrand.

The R7 250X packs 640 Stream Processors, 40 TMUs and 16 ROPs. Reference models will ship with a clock of 1 GHz. The R7 250X does not feature Boost clock. Card is equipped with 1GB memory by default, but it will also be available with 2GB. The memory runs at 4.5 GHz through 128b interface.

I wouldn’t call this card a response to upcoming Maxwell cards. Especially considering the power consumption. Just look at the specs below and compare 260 and 250X, both with the same TDP. In these terms it’s power hungry card, but at least, it’s considerably faster than GTX 650.

AMD R7 Series
Radeon R7 260XRadeon R7 260Radeon R7 250XRadeon R7 250
GPUBonaireBonaireCape VerdeOland
Clock1100 MHz1000 MHz1000 MHz1000 MHz
Memory Clock6500 MHz6000 MHz4500 MHz4600 MHz
Memory Bus128-bit128-bit128-bit128-bit


Radeon_R7_250X_1 Radeon_R7_250X_3Radeon_R7_250X_4Radeon_R7_250X_5  Radeon_R7_250X_2 R7-250 61090

Source: SweClockers, Anandtech


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