NVIDIA silently launches GeForce 820M, the first graphics card from GeForce 800 series

Published: 14th Jan 2014, 09:51 GMT

GeForce 820M (not even a GT) is the first graphics card from GeForce 800 series to be officially announced on GeForce.com.

What is obviously not surprising is that GeForce 820M is not based on a new architecture. In fact, it’s may not even be based on Kepler. According to few databases the 820M could supposedly feature Fermi GPU — the GF117.

The specifications on GeForce.com are so basic that we have no way of knowing what GPU is it exactly. It could be GeForce 710M or GT 720M.


GeForce 820M

Enjoy a more powerful notebook with NVIDIA GeForce 820M dedicated graphics for up to 2.5x faster graphics.


The GeForce 820M would be 2.5 times faster than Intel HD4400. It does support OpenGL 4.4, OpenCL 1.1 and DirectX 11.2 API.

This new card is basically a simple rebrand for notebook manufacturers, who expect higher model numbers every year, not exactly meaning these cards actually faster.

GeForce 820M specs

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