AMD releases Radeon R7 260

Published: 17th Dec 2013, 07:58 GMT


AMD has released yet another mid-range graphics card — Radeon R7 260.

The R7 260 is a new Bonaire based video card, which will be available for $110 beginning mid-January next year.

So what is AMD Radeon R7 260? It’s a new installment of Bonaire processor with 768 Steam Cores. It’s obviously a slower, and cheaper variant of 260X. It will be available only in 1GB models (260X is a 2GB card).

In terms of clocks we have a small decrease to 1000 MHz for the GPU and 6000 MHz for the memory. Total dissipated power was measured at 95W, which is 20W less than 260X.

First time I saw this card was two days ago, and I didn’t really realize it was a new card (it looks exactly the same as 260X).

The Radeon R7 260 sits above GeForce GTx 650 Ti, so yes it’s not really a high-end gaming card, but still it’s considerably cheap (and you can always buy two for CrossFire).

Below you can see some charts (which I borrowed from WCCFtech).

AMD-R7-200-Series-lineup  R7-260-Specifications

R9 270R7 260XR7 260R7 250
GPUCuracao XTBonaire XTBonaire ProOland XT
ProcessTSMC 28 nmTSMC 28 nmTSMC 28 nmTSMC 28 nm
Stream Cores.1280896768384
GPU Clock925 MHz1 100 MHz1 000 MHz1 050 MHz
Memory2 / 4 GB2 GB1 GB1 GB
Memory Clock5 600 MHz6 500 MHz6 000 MHz4 600 MHz
Bandwidth179,2 GB/s104 GB/s96 GB/s73,6 GB/s
TDP180 W115 W95 W65 W



Source: WCCFtech

by WhyCry

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