MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning also in Lite Edition

Published: 9th Dec 2013, 08:42 GMT


MSI has just released a cheaper, and slower variant of its GTX 780 Lightning.

The new model is nothing more and nothing less than a lower clocked 780 Lightning. It is clocked at 889/941 which is around 90 MHz less than original Lightning.

The GTX 780 Lightning LE is equipped with all the stuff you can find on on-LE edition, including: GPU Reactor, Digital PWM Controler, Dual BIOS, 16+3 phase power design and Tri Frozr cooler.

MSI GTX 780 packs 2304 CUDA cores and 3GB GDDR5 memory, card will be available soon. The price has not yet been revealed.

msi-n780_lightning_le-datasheet msi-n780_lightning_le-product_pictures-2d1 msi-n780_lightning_le-product_pictures-3d2 msi-n780_lightning_le-product_pictures-2d8



by WhyCry

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