MSI shows off translucent prototype of TwinFrozr cooler

Published: 6th Dec 2013, 10:07 GMT

MSI Translucent TwinFrozr cooler

MSI has posted a picture of a prototype cooling system. This is not a new cooler unfortunately, company is just showing how they perform tests before their coolers make it to final revision.

Those who owned cards with clear plastic in the past should already know how dirty those cards get after some dusts settles in. MSI knows that very well, and this knowledge is useful when testing new cooling revisions.

When we work on our Thermal Designs we create various prototypes and though they perform well, they will not always offer the quality you expect from us. A clear plastic cover discolors quickly because of dust & heat and bare copper heat pipes easily suffer from oxidation and discoloration. Stay tuned to know what the final card ends up looking like.

The fact that MSI posted this picture today could further suggest that the manufacturer is preparing new cooling solutions for Radeon R9 290 series and GeForce GTX 780 Ti. MSI told me that we should expect first custom 780 Ti cards sooner than Radeons.

Source: MSI

by WhyCry

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