ASUS teasing GeForce GTX 780 ROG Poseidon? (Update #2)

Published: 28th Nov 2013, 14:31 GMT

ASUS ROG 780 Poseidon (8)

UPDATE 2: Unfortunately, this card is not 780 Ti, but the old 780 with 2304 CUDA cores. Shame.

ASUS ROG has just posted a teaser showing a new Poseidon card, probably based on GTX 780 Ti.

I have no confirmation whether this is actually GTX 780 Ti, but I highly doubt this would be anything slower than the latest addition to GeForce lineup. ASUS ROG 760 Poseidon was released few months ago, and it doesn’t look like ASUS would make GTX 770 Poseidon equipped with old GK104 GPU, so this has to be something based on GK110.

The new Poseidon would feature a dual-fan hybrid cooler, which can be used with or without water cooling. Based on a sketch we can see at least 6 heat pipes, probably a backplate and some ROG Poseidon logos. Card wouldn’t really look much different than ROG MARS 760.
More information, and hopefully more pictures will be shown during Dreamhack Winter event, which started today.

ASUS ROG 780 Ti Poseidon

UPDATE: New pictures have been posted by ASUS ROG Australia:

GTX 780 Ti ROG Poseidon (2) GTX 780 Ti ROG Poseidon (3) GTX 780 Ti ROG Poseidon (1) ASUS ROG Poseidon


Here’s a taster of our new ROG graphics card below, to see how we designed its shape and styling. You’ll see more very soon (especially those of you attending Dreamhack Winter!)

Source: ASUS, SweClockers

by WhyCry

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