EVGA teasing new GeForce with carbon fiber cooler

Published: 26th Nov 2013, 19:48 GMT

I wasn’t really sure how to name this post. We clearly have a new card coming from EVGA, but what is it? I’m not exactly sure…

EVGA posted on Instagram a very interesting picture:

Designed and engineered by the best… #comingsoon

EVGA Carbon Fiber ACX Cooler

Okay so what do we have here. It’s most likely an ACX cooler with two heat sinks. Also a card using longer PCB, so it has to be something above GTX 770 (you can compare it with 760 cooler so see what I mean). The ‘GEFORCE’ logo is clearly moved to the left (red line), so the full name of the card might could be hiding more than just ‘Classified’ or ‘Ti’. It is also worth noting that a red plate has a hole in the same position as 780 Ti (blue arrow). For that reason I believe we are looking at something GK110-based.

Here is a comparison to GTX 780 Ti and 770 coolers.

EVGA ACX coolers analysisEVGA ACX cooler analysis

So what is it?

Well I think it could be a GTX 780 Ti ‘black edition’, a new TITAN, or maybe even a 6GB model. The color scheme is different than any other card EVGA is currently selling, also the carbon fiber cooler shroud is nothing I have seen in a long time. I doubt this is a dual-GPU card, but I wouldn’t be surprised if EVGA was preparing a response to ROG MARS 760.

Make sure to post your ideas right below.


EVGA Jacob Freeman:

Yes the card will be revealed this year, but availability probably won’t be till early next year.

The cooler is not actually made from Carbon, that is just a small piece of it and is a cosmetic thing. More pictures will be released over the next couple of days and the entire product/concept should become more clear soon :) This is not so much a cooler product as it is a brand new card… targeted at ultra enthusiast, or whatever you would call something that is even higher than enthusiast… lets call it super-mega enthusiast :)


by WhyCry

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