AMD Radeon ‘Vesuvius’ with two Hawaii XT GPUs in the making

Published: 15th Nov 2013, 13:08 GMT

AMD Radeon R9 290X2
VR-Zone reports that AMD is working on a new dual-GPU graphics card.

The AMD Radeon R9 290X2 (this is how we call it) would be based on two R9 290Xs. That said we expect two Hawaii XT processors on one PCB. This would also mean that R9 290X2 would feature a total of 5632 Stream Processors, 352 TMUs and 128 ROPs. Does it also mean 8GB GDDR5 memory?

According to VR-Zone, the new card would be codenamed Vesuvius. Vesuvius will succeed HD 7990 Malta.

The R9 290X2 is currently in engineering state, so it will take few months (hopefully less) before it appears on the market. I’m going to assume that it should appear shortly before first 20nm GPUs.

The R9 290X is not the only dual-GPU graphics card that we are currently waiting for. ASUS is working on dual-GK104 graphics card, and if the rumor is true, then some partners are even preparing its first dual-GK110 models. Yes, it is actually happening.

Picture above does not show a real graphics card

Source: VR-Zone

by WhyCry

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