Colorful iGame GeForce GTX 780 Ti detailed

Published: 10th Nov 2013, 16:22 GMT


Colorful showcased its latest GeForce graphics card based on GK110 GPU.

This is actually the first fully custom GeForce GTX 780 Ti you are about to see in detail. Card does not only feature custom cooling solution but also a fully modified board. Card is also factory overclocked to 1006/1076 MHz, but the memory has been left at stock speed (7 GHz). Similar to Inno3D’s HerculeZ cooler, the iGame cooler has three 90nm fans. This is actually a triple-slot design, not necessarily the best solution if you were planning to SLI them.

Moving on to the PCB itself, we have 12+2 phase power design, which is more than reference 6+2. Luckily Colorful thought about equipping this card with two 8-pin power connectors, so overclocking should not be a problem.

In terms of additional features, it’s worth noting the backplate and the special BIOS switch on the bracket, possibly rising the clocks even further.

Colorful-GeForce-GTX-780-Ti-iGame-3 Colorful-GeForce-GTX-780-Ti-iGame-4 Colorful-GeForce-GTX-780-Ti-iGame-5

Source: Chiploco

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