Aqua Computer presents full cover water block for GTX 780 Ti

Published: 8th Nov 2013, 12:52 GMT


Aqua Computers latest addition to their full cover water blocks is the kryographics for GTX 780 Ti cards which will be available in four different styles: copper base with stainless steel cover or a an acrylic glass cover, and both also with a nickel plated base. The blocks are entirely made in Germany and milled from high-purity electrolytic copper raw material. They cover the GPU, all RAM chips and the voltage regulators.

The GPU is covered by a micro structure with a 0.5mm grid. The contact surface of the base is high gloss polished. To gain the last bit of cooling performance the kryographics for GTX 780 Ti allows using thermal grease instead of thermal pads for the RAM chips.

Like the base the cover of the acrylic glass edition is also milled from a solid block. To avoid the risk of cracks Aqua Computer uses original casted Plexiglas and does not drill any threads inside the cover. The cover is held in place by a stainless steel frame which allows for an evenly distributed pressure.

For an easy installation the block comes with preassembled distance pieces so the screws can be tightened as far as they will go to achieve an optimal contact pressure. Of course the block can be used with regular G1/4″ fittings and the connection terminal offers threads into both directions. The regular connection terminal can be exchanged with the optional kryoconnect adapter which can be used for SLI setups.

The copper block with a stainless steel cover is available for 89,90 Euro while the acrylic glass edition can be purchased for 99,90 Euro. The shipping of these blocks will start within the next week. One week later the nickel plated version of both blocks will be available for an additional charge of 10,00 Euro.



by WhyCry

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