NVIDIA and ASUS partnering up for a new mysterious device

Published: 16th Oct 2013, 11:36 GMT

So the event in Montreal is just about to begin. Journalists are heading up to Canada and preparing for the official press event.

Unfortunately I wasn’t invited (surprise?). For that reason I cannot verify any of the rumors which are floating around the web regarding this event. But I can share with you what I already know.

It’s no secret that NVIDIA decided to launch a new product as a distraction for the upcoming Radeon R9 290X announcement. Only this time this is not a graphics card, at least that’s what multiple sources claim. Apparently ASUS has been working with NVIDIA on this device, which is a gaming equipment. Equipment which is connected to the GPU in some way.

So what is it? Well let me just underline that what you’re about to read is a pure, unconfirmed rumor. The device is somehow related to displays, it could be a new monitor, but it also could be a virtual reality head-mounted display. Hopefully it’s not related to SHIELD in any way. However that’s all we know for now. You can probably make your own guesses here and I expect them in the comments below. In the next two days, when more information will be released (officially or unofficially) we will be able to verify them.

Stay tunned for the latest leaks.


Andy (NVIDIA) @ NeoGraf (link):

>> Come on, give us a tidbit! You know you want to :-)

Tidbit: The event is two days long (this Thursday and Friday), and includes tons of awesome stuff. Press can tweet, livestream, liveblog, etc. Guessing PCP’s stream on 21st is some sort of after-the-event thing, most likely with some of our staff (I’m not sure, honestly).

>> Probably abandonware at this point.

Definitely not abandon ware.

by WhyCry

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