NVIDIA to make an announcement on October 21st?

Published: 15th Oct 2013, 19:30 GMT

PCPerspective NVIDIA Live Stream

According to PC Perspective’s events information NVIDIA is definitely up to something.

4k Gaming

On October 21st a “Super Secret NVIDIA Live Stream” will take place. We don’t know if this is anyhow related to the Montreal event, where NVIDIA is supposedly planning to launch a new gaming product. I couldn’t verify the rumors about this product yet, but if my information is correct then you will see something related to recent GeForce GTX Battlebox announcement — a complementary device, but I can’t say more…

Tesla K40

Additionally the newest GeForce drivers added a support for Tesla K40 (the so called Atlas), which might be shown there as well. Only we already know for 100% it’s not GK180, but GK110GL.

NVIDIA_DEV.1024.0983.103C = “NVIDIA Tesla K40c “

Many thanks to T4C Fantasy for the tip

by WhyCry

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