AMD Radeon R7 260 Pictured, Features Curacao PRO GPU

Published: 21st Sep 2013, 17:37 GMT

It’s a defnitely good day for graphics cards enthusiasts. Along with the R9 290X and R7 240 some fresh pictures of the Curacao-based Radeon R7 260 have emerged. 

The R9 260 series will be using Curacao GPUs. The R9 260 will use Curacao PRO and R9 260X will most likely use Curacao XT (or Bonaire XTX). Curacao is simply put a Pitcairn replacement. We don’t know whether this is actually a new GPU or just refreshed Pitcairn. In fact Curacao is listed on the same Device ID as Pitcarin, which would suggest that we are looking at the Pitcairn in disguise. The pictures reveal a new, quite unique, blower type cooling solution. The Radeon R9 260 will require one 6-pin power connector. Detailed specs remain unknown.

AMD Radeon R7 260 Curacao PRO (3)AMD Radeon R7 260 Curacao PRO (2)

AMD Radeon R7 260 Curacao PRO (1)

by WhyCry

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