(Update) Are these the pictures of Hawaii-powered Radeon Card?

Published: 10th Aug 2013, 11:22 GMT

Hawaii BOX AMD Hawaii PCB (1)


Does the new Radeon include with a bundled Battlefield 4? We could just be looking at the first proof, or a very good fake.

Additionally we have ruler situated right next to the box, it could be suggesting that the new card is 3 cm longer than HD 7970. Dual fan cooler?

Original story:

Some interesting pictures have been leaked on Chinese forums.

A member of Chiphell community, known to be a source of many leaks (which are not necessarily always right) posted a picture of the Hawaii-powered engineering sample. To be specific, there’s a picture of the box along with some pictures of the PCB diagrams. While the interesting details have been blurred out, we can just speculate with the knowledge we could gather from these pictures. Apparently two of them were already removed, but since it’s almost impossible to easily remove such data from the Internet, we already have copies from other members of the forums.

The box shows a tidal wave. I did my best to find the original picture and find any reference to the Hawaii. I actually did find it, but there’s no reference to the island. The picture is available under the names like ‘blue wave’ or ‘ocean wave’.

I do not think this is anyway important, but sometimes manufacturers give us a hints, this could be a one of such. Of course I encourage you to look for them as well.

The original picture

Hawaii Wave Wallpaper

It was said that the new Radeon based on Hawaii GPU would be equipped with 6+1 phase design, which is most likely related to the higher TDP. The leaker also made some reference to the GeForce GTX 780, but since we are talking about the picture of the text, it’s almost impossible to recognize the letters and then translate them.

Of course if you are Chinese and happen to read this post, make sure to post your translation in the comments.

AMD Hawaii PCB (3) AMD Hawaii PCB (2)

Hawaii PCB (2)

Volcanic Islands are mostly refreshed chips?

According to VR-Zone the rumors about mysterious codenames posted by HWINFO aren’t actually real (surprise?!). It appears that only Hawaii and of course Bonaire GPUs would be based on GCN 1.1 architecture. The rest, which includes Curacao and Oland, is based on refreshed chips.

Additionally AMD could release a new Tahiti XTL processor, which would be the fourth in the family next to Pro, XT and LE models. Bonaire would be released in to versions: Bonaire XTX and Pro, while the Oland in XT and Pro.

It is believed that more information about Hawaii GPU would be released in late September, somewhere around 23rd-25th. I already posted my findings in the previous entry, so if you are interested in possible specifications of the new Radeon card make sure to check it out.

Source: Chiphell via WCCFtech, VR-Zone

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