NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 4-way SLI Possible By Simple Modification

Published: 31st Jul 2013, 01:35 GMT

EVGA GeForce GTX 780 (4)03G-P4-2781-KR_LG_1

July is usually a boring month for GPU news. Thankfully we have some enthusiast here, who share interesting links with us (thanks Okashira). One of such links provided us with a material for a story.

Apparently NVIDIA’s decision to disable 4-way SLI for GeForce GTX 780 was taken shortly before the launch. Through simple driver modification it is possible to enable quad-SLI almost instantly. It’s worth mentioning that even guys from EVGA were surprised that NVIDIA has forbidden such configuration, as the result they released two shots of their GTX 780 box, one showing the 4-way SLI support and the updated one with 3-way.

Either way, the first person to post the results of this modification was Faster, but it seems that he was not the author of this mod. The full credit goes to skyn3t. In fact Faster removed the original poster from his forums, who was trying to ask him why he used the mod without any credit to the author (Fun fact: did you know I’m banned from Guru2D forums even though I never had an account there?).

Anyway let’s just cut to the chase. The modification is very simple, all you have to do is to replace an *.inf file and install the drivers as if it was the original package.

Steps (as posted on hwbot):

  1. Download the GeForce 320.00 BETA driver from Nvidia
  2. Extract the driver content using WinRAR
  3. Replace the original nv_disp.inf with a modified one, which you can download here (click)
  4. Go back in the extracted driver folder and start the installation setup
  5. Enjoy your GTX 780 4-Way SLI!

What are the odds you will end up with four bricked cards? I don’t know. Of course nobody will guarantee this will work for you, neither can you ask us and the original poster why your four 780s are bricked (but this should not happen). We are not responsible for your tests with these drivers. Theoretically though, you have a good chance to beat some records on hwbot right now, because, what is not surprising, nobody has such configuration.

I have made a comparison of the configuration files you will be replacing with this mod. You can check it here.

There’s a video tutorial available, unfortunately it’s in Portuguese and the guy is talking 10 minutes about replacing one file.

Source: Overclock.net, HWBOT, EVGA, Fusion-OC,  Fusion-OC

by WhyCry

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