XENON GeForce GTX 760 JetStream Detailed

Published: 21st Jun 2013, 23:41 GMT

XENON GTX 760 JetStream OC

XENON is sub-rand of Emtek (the ‘e’ logo on the cooler), a Korean graphics cards manufacturer, which has a variety of different designs in their offer. The XENON lineup mostly includes models from Palit.

Yet again member of Chiphell community has shared some exclusive material with the world. The sticker on the card suggests that it’s made in China, which is probably why this leak happened, and why was it so easy to get this card prior to the launch. Luckily for us of course.

XENON GTX 760 JetStream GPU-ZKepler GK104-225-A2

The XENON GTX 760 JetStream is based on Palit GTX 760 JetStream, which I already know is coming soon to the market, only the picture was not leaked yet. Card will feature dual-fan JetStream cooler equipped with two 9.2cm fans. The XENON model is factory-overclocked to 1072/1137 MHz, which gives 100 MHz higher frequency than reference model. XENON also changed the speed of the memory, but it’s not that high to call it a drastic a improvement (6.2 Ghz over 6 GHz).

For the first time we are able to see the GTX 760’s Graphics Processing Unit — Kepler GK104-225-A2 — as reported by VideoCardz more than a month before you heard anything about this card. The processor is mounted on a non-reference PCB, but the most important section was not pictured (power circuit). What is disappointing are surely the dual 6-pin power connectors, probably limiting further overclocking.

XENON GTX 760 JetStream PCB

XENON GTX 760 JetStream 3DmarkXENON GTX 760 JetStream 3Dmark.png 2
In terms of performance we are looking at X3000 3Dmark11 score in Extreme Profile. Of course this overclocked model, so the score of reference card will be different.

The XENON GTX 760 will only in be available in Asia, but that’s not a problem for other buyers, since almost everyone else will be able to buy a Palit model instaed, which will looks just the same. Speaking of price, I also have some good news. We found first listing for price starting at €260. It may suggest that the card will less than €299.

by WhyCry

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