Gigabyte Announces GeForce GTX TITAN OC with WindForce 3X 450W Cooler

Published: 11th Jun 2013, 10:24 GMT


Gigabyte GTX TITAN OC WindForce 3X (2)

Gigabyte has finally added the new TITAN to its lineup, this time with a custom cooler, sort of.

Due to NVIDIA’s restrictions, AIB partners are not allowed to modify the GTX TITAN with custom air cooling solution. Gigabyte found a way around, as reported a week ago.

Gigabyte’s GTX TITAN OC is equipped with a reference cooler by default. In slightly bigger box, there’s also an additional WindForce 3X 450W cooler, meaning you will have to change it on your own. This is not be a problem since everything starting from from a guide, thermal paste, memory heat removers, a cloth, and even a mouse pad is added with the new cooler.

The WindForce 3X 450W is the latest addition to high-end models made by Gigabyte. It’s a dual-slot design which packs three fans (Triangle Cool Technology). Along with that we have a two aluminum heat sinks and six copper heat pipes.

The card itself is clocked at 928 MHz for base and 980 MHz boost, but since the card will use a custom cooler the boost clock will vary depending on the thermal conditions. Anyway, the card is already factory-overclocked by almost 100 MHz, which is surely a good starting point for even more advanced overclocking.

It seems that the price of the WindForce model is not much different from the reference based (~1020 EUR). It’s also worth noting that cooler replacement does not affect the warranty.

Gigabyte GTX TITAN OC WindForce 3X (3)

Gigabyte GTX TITAN OC WindForce 3X (4)

Gigabyte GTX TITAN OC WindForce 3X (5)

Gigabyte GTX TITAN OC WindForce 3X (1)

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