AMD Radeon HD 8000 Graphics Cards Will Feature Better Coolers

Published: 7th Jun 2013, 02:30 GMT


According to David Nekechuck, a Product Manager for Desktop Graphics in AMD, the next series of Radeon graphics cards will be equipped with more efficient cooling solutions.

ComputerBase made a trip to Taiwan, where a lot of new hardware is presented at Computex. Guys from CB had a chance to talk with both manufacturers about the next series, or more precisely the current series for NVIDIA. Of course, not many details were disclosed at this point, but AMD is supposedly taking a lot of effort to manufacture a more efficient cooling system. It does not mean that it will be as sexy as the TITAN’s, but it means will be enough quiet and enough efficient to compete with it (I think ‘quiet’ is the key word here). According to Nekechuck, they focus on customers satisfaction. Whenever they make a better reference card, it’s the customers who benefit. He also says that their partners will now have to work harder to make something as good as the reference designed.

The story looks slightly different, if you ask the partners themselves. According to them, AMD is indeed working on a new design, but it won’t be that attractive as the company is telling to the public. AMD is not interested in manufacturing highly efficient cooling solutions, because these are expensive. Instead, AMD is currently working on a new GPU that could compete with the GK110, and that’s their main focus.

The green team is already in the process of launching their GeForce 700 series. To make their cards even more attractive, they equipped three cards with the same cooler. However, this is only the theory. In reality the GeForce GTX 770 with TITAN cooler is only available from one manufacturer.  The first batch of GTX 780s was only available with TITAN cooler, but now, each manufacturer is slowly adopting their custom coolers for the cards. June is the month when we’re going to see a lot of these cards, in fact, we already saw a couple of such. On the contrary to TITAN’s restrictions, NVIDIA gave a green light to produce non-reference PCBs.

However if you thought that NVIDIA will equip their whole series with TITAN-like coolers then I’m afraid that’s not an option. We already saw the picture of the GeForce 760, which was featuring a GTX 670/660 plastic cooler, but I will write more about the 760 in my next posts.

Source: ComputerBase, HardwareHeaven (picture)

by WhyCry

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